The National Radio Talent System™, the only program of its kind in the world, was created to answer the long-discussed issue of fostering new radio talent for the industry, an incubator of well-rounded, well-educated college talent with a passion for radio and a determination to get into the business.

Dan Vallie, a lifelong radio broadcaster, is the innovator and founder of the National Radio Talent System™ and the Radio Talent Institute™. The program gives each student a learning experience they could not get anywhere else. The National Radio Talent System™ uses its contacts and reputation in the radio industry to invite radio professionals to teach during the institute. The radio profession is abundant with professionals eager and willing to “give back” and teach young people to insure our industry continues to be vibrant well into the 21st century.

“Our industry offers young people the opportunity for entrepreneurship,personal fulfillment, and financial success.  To attract these bright and talented students we have the brightest and most talented radio industry professionals teaching the sessions in each institute. We attract intelligent and talented students with a positive attitude, and the radio professionals that teach them support and encourage a positive attitude that lets them know of the great opportunities in broadcasting and what an exciting time it is.  The ‘professional faculty’ from the industry that come and teach display the same attributes we want to see in young broadcasters entering the industry.”

The National Radio Talent Team works throughout the year to connect with both young talent who want to be in broadcasting and with radio professionals who embrace the vision and believe and support the mission of bringing young talent into the industry today and who will be leaders in the industry tomorrow as radio continues to thrive.

Imagine Today radio professionals recruiting from young talent that you know are just as determined and passionate about getting into radio as you were. And the talent system continues to grow with more institutes across the country and support from broadcasters and broadcast associations.