The Kentucky Broadcasters Association

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The Kentucky Broadcasters Association (KBA) unites public and commercial radio and television stations across the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

The purpose of the Kentucky Broadcasters Association is to represent and further the interest of broadcasters, communicate relevant information to broadcasters through meetings and publications, and provide educational services through conventions, workshops, or other appropriate means in order to better serve the public.

Due to the efforts of the Kentucky Broadcasters Association, the KBA WKU Radio Talent Institute is in Kentucky at Western Kentucky University where we’re discovering and preparing young talent from across the state and region for a career in broadcasting.

Henry Lackey is the President of the KBA; they are located at 101Enterprise Drive, Frankfort Kentucky and you can reach them at 502-848-0426.

The National Radio Talent System

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Dan Vallie, a lifelong radio broadcaster, is the innovator and founder of the National Radio Talent System™ and the Radio Talent Institute™. The program gives each student a learning experience they could not get anywhere else. The National Radio Talent Institute team uses its contacts and reputation in the radio industry to invite radio professionals to teach during the institute.The National Radio Talent System™, the only program of its kind in the world, was created to answer the long discussed issue of a radio talent farm for the industry, an incubator of well-rounded, well-educated college talent with a passion for radio and a determination to get into the business.

“Our industry offers young people the opportunity for entrepreneurship,personal fulfillment, and financial success.  To attract these bright and talented students we have the brightest and most talented radio industry professionals teaching the sessions in each institute. We attract intelligent and talented students with a positive attitude, and the radio professionals that teach them support and encourage a positive attitude that lets them know of the great opportunities in broadcasting and what an exciting time it is.  The ‘professional faculty’ from the industry that come and teach display the same attributes we want to see in young broadcasters entering the industry.”

The National Radio Talent Team works throughout the year with universities and to connect with both young talent who want to be in broadcasting and with radio professionals who embrace the vision and believe and support the mission of bringing young talent into the industry today and who will be leaders in the industry tomorrow as radio continues to thrive.

The vision of a Radio Talent System has become reality and now radio professionals recruit from young talent who are just as determined and passionate about getting into radio as you were. And the talent system continues to grow with more institutes across the country and support from broadcaster groups, individual broadcasters, and broadcast associations.

Western Kentucky University


The Spirit Makes the Master

The “Spirit of WKU” is more than just school spirit. Alumni, students, faculty and staff often describe it as an almost tangible feeling - a deep love and passionate pride for the rich history and tradition of Western Kentucky University, our campus, facilities and community. At WKU, The Spirit Makes the Master. Our hilltop campus is a place of beauty and friendliness. It embraces a proud heritage and a bold, ambitious future.

WKU is in the midst of a transformation - physical, intellectual, cultural and economic – and is becoming A Leading American University with International Reach. Whether in a neighboring community or in a distant country, WKU faculty and students are engaged in relevant applied research that provides solutions to real problems.
WKU is home to many highly ranked and nationally-recognized academic programs such as Journalism and Broadcasting, Education, Engineering, Business and our award winning speech and debate team. More than 20,000 students grace our campuses in Bowling Green, Glasgow, Owensboro and the Elizabethtown area. We also send students each semester to Harlaxton College in Grantham, England and other students circumnavigate the globe with the Semester at Sea program just to name a few.

A place where all students can succeed, WKU is the home of the Gatton Academy for Mathematics and Science for exceptional Kentucky high school juniors and seniors. The Academy was named the number one high school in the U.S. in 2012, 2013, and 2014 by Newsweek / The Daily Beast. WKU is proud to have Kentucky’s first independent Honors College in the Commonwealth. WKU honors students enjoy an intimate scholarly environment on a vibrant campus and are encouraged to become involved in community service, applied research and study abroad. These are among the reasons why WKU is becoming the university of choice in the Commonwealth and the intellectual heartbeat of Kentucky.