The National Radio Talent System works with the school and contacts and recruits industry veterans to teach these students/young broadcasters. Each professional teaches in his/her area of expertise. Click here to see a list of industry professionals that have taught at least once and to view a video interview with each.

Guest Professional Faculty that accept the invitation and give their time to come teach a session make a difference in the lives of young broadcasters.

This guest faculty has the opportunity to build on the education each student is already receiving at his or her university, and there are many young, intelligent, enthusiastic talent who are passionate about working in the radio industry.

The Institute begins with a welcome and opening comments from university faculty. This can include the Chancellor/President, Dean, Chair, or faculty.

Every session is taught by an industry professional who is active in and successful in the business today.

The industry professionals who make up the faculty don’t just “speak”...they teach by giving practical “takeaways” for students to use today and/or as soon as they get their first job in the industry.

The students themselves are well-rounded and well-educated.

The National Radio Talent System communicates with all supporting broadcast groups, making each company/station aware of students who are about to enter the industry with information and a “profile” on each.

The industry veteran not only gets to meet and teach, but simultaneously can prospect among the talented students in the Institute.

The university has the option of holding a closing reception in honor of the students on the final day, hosted by the Chancellor/President, Dean or Chair and university faculty.

We have researched this talent farm system concept in both the academic world and the broadcast industry. We have concluded there is nothing in existence to compare to this intense 10-day program that will move these students to a higher level of understanding further than they or any other young person could get anywhere else. And keep in mind that what the students learn during these 10 days is on top of what they learn from the excellent faculty in the classes they take during their undergraduate years.  Thanks to all who come to share in each area of expertise and for giving back to the broadcast industry.