For decades the industry talked of the need for a talent system to bring new talent to radio. The industry now has a proven,  innovative program that delivers entry level talent qualified to excel in radio stations and broadcast groups across America. The Confer Radio Talent System Institute attracts, trains and creates opportunity for talented, enthusiastic and well educated young adults who have a passion for the broadcast industry and ownership. Rising Juniors and Seniors work through an intensive 10 days  bringing them to a better understanding of each aspect of the industry including on air, content and programming development, sales, digital, social media, video, writing, news, and sports.  All students participate in RAB sales training  with a final  exam to earn their Radio Marketing Professional Certification. The Confer Radio Talent System Institute prepares students to excel in entry-level positions upon their graduation and to better ensure they get a head start towards having  a successful career in broadcasting.

Many in broadcasting often ask “where is the next generation of talent coming from?” We now know the answer. Students that have participated in the institute are now working for iHeartMedia, Audacy, Cumulus, Beasley Broadcast Group, and many others.

Part of the goal is to prepare these students, along with their liberal arts education, to the point  they can walk into a professional radio station environment and not only be comfortable but excel in every area of the business from on air to programming to sales to management. We expect no less than to contribute to preparing  future generations of broadcast leaders.

Many will have already worked in college radio, interned or worked part time in a professional environment. We look to attract the brightest of the bright  to bring fresh talent into the industry that can contribute to make the industry even more dynamic.